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“Scott and his team have been instrumental in helping us chart a course post-acquisition to build awareness and adoption. They are always thinking three steps ahead and are a valuable thought partner as we scale our business and team. They make a point to be available when we need quick feedback.”

Harley Butler, CEO at Hairstory/ Former CMO at Shipt

“We’ve worked together for a number of years and at three different companies: Pandora, Lyft, and now hims & hers. The team’s ability to bring deep consumer insights to the table is incredibly strong. Their real value then comes in successfully translating those learnings and insights into actionable plans to go to market.”

Melissa Waters, CMO at hims and hers

“Pros at bringing creative, divergent thinking to build brands and scale them. They love to challenge orthodoxy and are resourceful in ensuring a high quality of thought at reasonable budgets.”

James Segil, President and Co-Founder at OpenPath Security

“621 was responsive, immediately understood my business needs, provided me with top talent and worked with me to create a flexible plan that provided business continuity. I highly recommend them, they are amazing partners and you will not be disappointed!”

Bridgette Miller, Global Head of Marketing at Melissa & Doug

“We’ve had a long partnership with Scott and the 621 team. They’ve been an invaluable resource for thoughtful, strategic input on our business.  They tap into their deep, board network of resources to come up with customized ways to help companies through critical phases in their growth. We value their collaboration and candor greatly.”

Gary Calega, CEO at RevelOne

“They were able to understand our market and the competitive landscape quickly, learn about our product and unique offering, and connect the dots to create a distinct and clear voice.”

Ron Konigsberg, Chief Growth Officer at Singular

“We knew we needed help with marketing strategy — to include consumer brand building and business go-to-market plans. It’s been a pleasure working with Scott because he’s demonstrated exceptional value across the board. Plus, he’s a fun guy to be around.”

Peter Yewell, Co-Founder at Outpatient

“Scott has unique experience to help the team think through the complex nuances in creating a new brand, bringing it to life and launching a product. We worked together on research, brand strategy, positioning and launch strategy. He is also very effective at tapping his network to find the right resources with the specific expertise we need to get things done. We’d enthusiastically recommend Scott to companies seeking a distinct voice, from market entry to growth.”

Dor Skuler, CEO at Intuition Robotics

“As a solo founder, it was incredibly helpful to have Scott and 621 Consulting by my side during one of the most challenging moments Quilt has faced: shifting to a fully digital platform the moment COVID-19 hit the States. With his strategic guidance and ability to help me stay hyper focused, I’m happy to report we are thriving in our new normal.”

Ashley Sumner, CEO at Quilt

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